Royal Costumes

Costumes are one of the factors that reflect cultural imprints in each era and are an important component of the lifestyle of a region or a nation.

Áo ngũ thân is a type of traditional Vietnamese costume. It has high collar straight and square, with 5 buttons made of metal, jade or wood. The shirt has five bodies representing the four mothers and fathers, and one inside represents himself (the wearer). The hem of the shirt is not tight, but wide, the lower it is, the more it spreads and the tail is curved. There are two main types: Áo ngũ thân tay chẽn (sleeves are tightly tied to the wearer's hand) and Áo ngũ thân tay thụng (also known as the tunic).

In addition to the unique ruong house architecture, sophisticated cuisine, we, Ancient Hue, officially, bring carefully-prepared áo tấc, áo ngũ thân tay chẽm và áo Nhật Bình to present to you. To delve into these cultural treasures, we cordially invite you to make inquiries and reservations at our reception area.