Ngự Bình House

"Ngu Binh” House

Vietnam’s old poetry is the theme of ‘Ngu Binh’ House.

The House is a tribute to Ho Xuan Huong, one of Vietnam’s greatest classical poets.

Poems and paintings adorn the one-bedroom House following the Imperial style of the Nguyen Dynasty.

More about “Ngu Binh”

Núi Ngự Bình is a mountain close to Huế, Nui Ngu Binh is also known as the ‘Royal Screen’.

Ngu Binh Mountain is also known as Ngu Mountain or Hon Mo or Bang Mountain.

At a height of 103 meters, Ngu Binh is located approximately 4 kilometers south of the city of Hue. Two sides of this mountain have two smaller hills known as Ta Bat Son and Huu Bat Son, where the Nguyen Royal Dynasty decided to place the Hue Palace.

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