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Kim Long Fine Dining

The Nguyen Emperors’ banquets were legendary….

Some feasts were said to have included 300 rare dishes served in over a thousand bowls.

Located in the main Garden House, Kim Long Fine Dining Restaurant mixes local specialties with Asian and European flavors to create memorable, modern-day versions of royal feasts.

Discover this unique space and start your culinary journey sitting at a table with lacquered authentic furniture and surrounded by refined ornamental details.

Continue this gourmet escape by enjoying the artistic vision of the mural painting representing the motifs of an Empress robe and take a look at the antique panels with the four seasons flowers carved in by the mother of pearl shells which reflect Ancient Hue.

In addition to our set menus, our chef will be delighted to create for guests’ specific culinary experiences customized to individual tastes.

Accompanying the fine dining experience are creative cocktails that blend premium liquors with local fruits and an impressive international wine list. Hosting up to 40 guests, Kim Long Fine Dining is divided into 3 areas: The Ancestor’s Temple, The Lounge bar and The Restaurant.

Cooking Class

Begin your odyssey at the lively Đông Ba local market, where you have the chance to personally select the freshest ingredients, guided by the expertise of our chef. Return to the serene embrace of the Ancient Hue enclave, a sanctuary rich in history, for your cooking session. With the grace of a true artist, our chef will unveil the intricacies of Hue's culinary traditions, sharing time-honored techniques that have been cherished for generations.

After your culinary craftsmanship is unveiled, surrender your senses to the refined elegance of the Kim Long Fine Dining Restaurant. Nestled within the enchanting ambiance of Ancient Hue, this exclusive setting provides the perfect stage for your culinary opus. Delve into the heart of Hue's gastronomic legacy, guided by the hands of a master chef. 

To ensure a truly exceptional experience, we recommend reserving your Cooking Class journey with us at least 3 days before your desired date. Enrich your understanding of Hue's cultural tapestry and create cherished memories through the artistry of cuisine.