Vọng Cảnh House

“Vong Canh” House

Inspired by ancient royal architecture, Vong Canh House is a journey into Hue’s Citadel Soul.

Decorated with floral patterns of Hue art “Phap Lam“ and real decorative terracota tiles reflecting the unique Citadel imperial style, the 2 rooms House offers its own private terrace and bathrooms.

The house is surrounded by a landscaped garden.

More about "Vong Canh"

Vong Canh Hill, located near the Huong River, is a peaceful and poetic hill located amongst the ancient Nguyen Kings’ royal tombs.

Viewers are often seduced by the villages stretching along the river banks, such as Huong Ho, Hai Cat, and Ngat Ho. Each is laden with plentiful fruit gardens under the shades of pine trees, vast corn fields and small boats silently skimming lines on the tranquil waters.

From sunrise to sunset, the soft-as-silk strip that is the Perfume River charms bystanders with the tranquility it brings to the surrounding area. Vong Canh Hill overlooks this canvas of colors and the wonders of nature.

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