Albert Sallet Villa

"Albert Sallet" Villa

The Albert Sallet Suite is a seamless fusion of East and West that transcends time and tradition. The Villa Suite bears the hallmark of Louis XV and Hue style, exemplified by an ornate interplay of mother of pearl inlays and resplendent silk and brocade upholstery. 

The decor is an exquisite blend of artifacts, paintings, and potteries that pay homage to Albert Sallet's enduring fascination with Vietnamese culture. The 2-room Villa offer private terraces and bathrooms. 

More about "Albert Sallet"

Albert Sallet worked as a Doctor and Botanist. He is recognized for his contribution to preserve and promote Vietnamese art and heritage, especially Hue culture. Prominent work includes Historic Monuments of Annam protection, curator of Cham Art Museum in Tourane.

Until his return in France in 1930, his deep understanding of Vietnam enabled him to publish 16 articles in the 'Bulletin des Amis du Vieux Hue'. 

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