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Around the Pool

Following Feng Shui principles, the outdoor pool is at the very center of Ancient Hue Garden Houses.

The outdoor pool offers a warm water system allowing year-round swimming regardless of the weather.

Fully equipped with lounge chairs and umbrellas for outdoor dining or pool parties.

The bottom of the pool is fitted with a mosaic ceramic tiles, the main pattern of which is a reproduction of ancient Hue motifs with a longevity sign at the center. Sand stones are used for pool decking.

2 Pools: 4 seasons & Jacuzzi

A 4-season pool is a smaller, permanent water feature typically found outdoors and designed to be used throughout the year, regardless of the weather. It is equipped with temperature control systems to maintain a comfortable swimming environment even in colder seasons. Fully equipped with lounge chairs, umbrellas, outdoor dining or pool parties.

A jacuzzi is a larger, more compact spa or hot tub primarily used for relaxation and hydrotherapy. It is placed outdoors and features heated water with powerful jets that provide soothing massages.