Visit to Ancient Phuoc Tich Village

Depart Hue on a 40km (25miles) drive north to the 500-year-old Phuoc Tich Village. Situated by the O Lau River, the village is considered a national relic for its more than 30 houses which are more than a century old, providing a fascinating look into the past. The village’s ancient houses are in the “nha ruong” style, built with artfully carved wooden pillars and beams, and held together with wooden pegs for easy dismantling.

Take a stroll through the village and visit a typical Hue-style traditional wooden house nestled in a spacious garden influenced by Feng Shui principles. Notice the antiques and ceramic heirlooms dating back many centuries. Chat with a local family for insights into life in the village which has preserved many typical features of a traditional Vietnamese village. Phuoc Tich was also renowned as a famous pottery village in its heyday and you can still see some families undertaking this craft today. Return to Hue.

  • Suggested departure time: 09:00
  • Tour duration: 04 hours