Hue Traditional Culinary Tasting

Hue is famous not only for the thousand-year-old history but also for its diverse traditional food culture. Immerse yourself in this interesting culinary tasting tour around Hue city. Your first stop will be at “Me Xung” sweets workshop. Me xung is a perfect combination of sesame, crushed peanuts and handmade malt, and is one of Hue’s famous desserts.

Then drive to Ba Do's house to learn how to make some other Hue’s specialties such as "banh beo" (small steamed rice cake), "banh nam"(steamed rice cake wrapped in banana leaves), "banh bot loc" (clear shrimp and pork dumpling). Enjoy the dishes you have made while chatting with the owner to understand more about Hue’s food culture.

Complete your day by tasting Hue royal tea. Once served only to the Royal family in ancient times, royal tea has now become widely enjoyed throughout the country. The royal tea includes a variety of herbs such as: artichoke, chrysanthemum, sweet grass, kudzu, ginseng, apple, liquorice, jasmine, and more. Learn from the host who will explain the benefits of drinking royal tea, and learn how make a cup of royal tea yourself before returning your hotel.

  • Availability: Morning, Afternoon
  • Suggested time: 10:00, 15:00
  • Duration: 3.5 hours